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31 December 2020 @ 12:00 am

Important Announcement

First of all, thank you for supporting this LJ blog. After much deliberation, we have decided to move. All download links pertaining to scores and recordings have been taken down. But it is already up at the new home.

The new site includes compiled tutorials by smr00 and keudae from youtube as well as a sister site which host various Asian pop scores and piano tutorials in the future. 

Once again, thank you for your support. You can find us at our new home



February 18, 2009


22 June 2009 @ 10:21 pm


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

23 April 2009 @ 04:42 pm

As all of you know, the tvxqpiano[at]LJ site has moved to it's new home. We are now located at http://tvxqpiano.blogspot.com This will officially be the last post that will be done in LJ. I noticed not many people know that we have moved.

Just to let you know that there has been revamps being done so, do drop by to visit us some time. We are still working on plenty of scores. Personally, I'm attempting on a new project soon, just to breakaway from this particular project. Rest assured. It won't be neglected. I've had plenty of help so, I'm thankful.

Here are the presents. enjoy!!

06 January 2009 @ 04:05 pm

Good news: I'm working on Bolero both practicing and coming up with the score.
Bad news: It's one of the toughest songs to play and I won't release it until the official single has been released.

It's funny how much speculation has been going about on whether or not Jaejoong sang the word "Bolero" or "boh-leh" or whatever you think he sang. The official single isn't even released yet! It's OK to not have the title song in a song.

However, I must admit that Bolero is the best single released so far. In fact, it is very similar to Love in the Ice in many ways.

The chords are almost identical except for some parts, the vocal arrangements for the verses, choruses and ad-libs are very much the same and Yoochun hasn't hit that high note since Love in the Ice performance in Soul Power Live 2007 (excluding LITI Korean version). The fact that Junsu took the lead in the bridge with the rest of them ad-libbing just shows that Tohoshinki is here to stay for a very long time.

Hearing them sing this song Live would be f-awesome but the length of the song isn't your normal 4-minute radio friendly song. With so much emotion and feeling being put into Bolero, one wonders when did the men find time to practice such gruelling vocal demand despite their hectic schedule travelling back and forth Korea and Japan.

The introduction alone is not your normal song introduction. Instead, it fades in with Junsu singing the first verse immediately. Unless, there is the 'complete' version waiting to be released? There are a lot of strings that are being used but the main instrument I would say, is the harp that provides the ethereal, almost angelic-like mood to the song. The harp makes the song sound dreamy as depicted in the PV where the girl (who also happens to star in THSK's "Shine" PV) dreams of becoming a ballerina? The time signature of compound duple ( note: 6/8) gives is a waltz feel to the song.

I don't tend to read the meaning of the song in English but it is surprising to me that when I first read about Bolero, I was thinking of a more upbeat song like "Box in the Ship". The song title was definetely unexpected. It's funny that they came up with the title because of the dance-nature of the song. It kinda 'tricked' listeners into thinking of a happy song when in fact, it is a song about dreams and hope.

Is there anything that you like or don't like with the song, or title, or anything with Bolero?

I now will return to completing this song before I work on their 4th album - MIROTIC songs. Bolero got me hooked. XD


As a musician, it saddens me that the creative team behind the awesome songs that are written for TVXQ are not given the recognition that they deserve. Therefore, I have compiled this list off their new album - MIROTIC. I still have empty slots...anyone care to help me complete the list?  Edit: Thank you to kahel_luna  and boopooh  for filling it out! =)

On to the list...thank you to...Collapse )
Check out the Notice Board for more updates on transcriptions.. =)
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Hello all. I know some of you are self-taught musicians. Some of you are keen to learn but under certain circumstances are not able to. So, here I am, trying to help you in the best way possible.

Theory 101 is another section in this site where I try my best to teach you note recognition, note reading, things that you need to know to learn the basics of music. Examples that are used will be based on TVXQ's music (coz that's what this site is all about).

If you have any questions at all pertaining to the chapters or the things that you want to know but I have not uploaded on, feel free to email me HERE or leave a comment here and ask away! I would be glad to help if time lets me ^____^

Notes on your keyboardCollapse )Let's get to know the notes on the keyboard

Music notes are fairly simple. There's only 7 white notes and 5 black notes in one octave. An octave means the interval between any two notes that are 7 diatonic scale degrees apart (eg: C--C' , D--D').


The clear-faced notes are your white notes, while the black-faced notes are your black-notes. ^___^

Note names Treble & Bass clef DescendingCollapse )
ExamplesCollapse )
It will be good practice if you take any song (doesn't have to be TVXQ song >///< ) and just familiarize yourself with the notes on the music sheet and on the keyboard. Learn one hand at a time first. Get to know your notes on different octaves. 

Remember, if there is something that you don't understand or what to find out more, don't hesitate to email me HERE or post your questions to this entry. It would be helpful if it is here so that future visitors can be directed to the answers if the question has been posed before. 

Next chapter: Key signature and note values.
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Monica shared this with me in an e-mail, and it put me in a totally new perspective of things in regards to TVXQ's Beautiful You PV.

Warning: Deep meanings of video ahead.

Credits to pinkshades@soompi + monica


I know some people are disappointed with the PV, but I... REALLY... like it. Haha, and not just because the boys looked sexy (when are they ever NOT?? wink.gif)but because... I absolutely loved how they presented the "woman" in the video.

As an English major... you're taught to read into things... and well, I can't help but think that this PV is an excellent example of METONYMY. Metonymy is when part of something is used to represent the whole. (Ex. "all hands on deck" doesn't literally mean hands on the shipdeck, but the hands imply the whole person, or people on deck.)

Anyway, when you think about the PV again... you realize you don't see the woman completely. You don't even get to see her face. All you see is her hand under the running tapwater... Her feet in her shoes... The nape of her neck... Her hand grasping a necklace... Yet, despite not being able to see the whole picture of the "woman," there's still no doubt in your mind that the woman being sung about IS beautiful. These "beautiful" parts of her (as shown by the individual camera shots) are what represent her "BEAUTY" as a whole.

I absolutely love that. I LOVE that you don't get to see her face.

In a world where a woman's beauty is identified most by her "looks" - ie. her face, the proportion of her body, her makeup - this PV is almost suggesting that what makes a woman beautiful are NOT the aesthetics, but just the little things... like the curve of your hand... the smoothness of your neck... the line of your feet... those simple things are what make a Beautiful Woman, not all that other stuff.


I told you it was deep. I'll never look at Beautiful You PV the same way again like I did before.

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06 April 2008 @ 02:00 am

Beautiful Life
Beautiful Thing
Beautiful You

Doesn't it give you the feeling that the boys will SO worship their woman? 

This song reflects their maturity in genres. Their voices are much more 'seasoned' comparing to their 1st Japanese Single : Stay with me Tonight; which has the same 'flavor' as Beautiful You. 

The guitar plays an important role in this song. It opens the song and then remains very subtle-ly in the background when the verses and choruses come in. But, it is never lost and gives that Spanish/Flamenco taste. The bass grooves the whole song extremely well, coupled with the funky drum-beats, it spells L.O.V.E.

Jae in the 1st verse..I don't think I've ever heard him sing such low registers. The vocal arranger should give him more of those ranges. It just makes him sound so sexy! XD Yunho's pipes are definitely getting better and better each time. It sounds whispery but strong in the high registers.*melts*  It's suprising that he once use to be lost in the backgrounds of it all. I also notice that they do a lot of vibratos (vibrations) for this song. Junsu comes out very strong in his part in the 2nd chorus. LOVE that pull to the top note. *hearts* 

I reckon that Min and Chun should have been given more prominent parts. Both of them has improved LOADS and should be given more main parts. JaeSu should be given a break. And, I mean this in a good way. But, Min's ad-libs in the last chorus...*smacks lips*...lush!

The harmonies at the end...it really tells us that, "Hey! We're still a chorus group! Our harmonies rock!" 

A plus-point is that they are now pronouncing English without much problems [ie: BeautiFul and not  BeautiPul]. If only their spoken english would be as accurate. XD

This has been on my repeat list for 30 times (and counting...) I just hope I can find time to transcribe this. I'm not even done with their T.R.I.C.K Singles yet. 

Gomen.... >_____<


I didn't really get the whole sombre-mood of the PV where they individually were sitting or standing or standing narcissist-ly in front of the mirror. XD  I personally think that some direct, human, LADY / WOMAN interaction would have been a better storyline. I know Cassiopeias would just go beserk at any female to come in direct contact with our boys, but it would have really made more sense to the song. The boys sitting down and just singing their hearts out about a beautiful woman...it just didn't make any clear sense to me. 

However, the dance sequences obviously suited the whole mood of the song better. 

Edit 2:

To JaeChun a.k.a SoulMate

Jae, why do you always get nice boots, but the rest gets nice shoes?

Chun, having an unbuttoned shirt doesn't distract us from the hideous blond ends of your hair.


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31 March 2008 @ 05:55 pm
I've created this special FAQ. I really hope this will be the answer to all your questions ranging from downloading to the scores itself. Note: I have personally downloaded all the scores that I uploaded on 4shared, and ALL of them WORK ABSOLUTELY FINE. Update (31st March 2008): I have further 'spoiled' you by uploading all piano scores on Mediafire as well. >____<


1) Where do I get piano scores / mp3s?

For piano scores, go to http://tvxqpiano.livejournal.com/tag/pianoscores
For mp3, go to http://tvxqpiano.livejournal.com/tag/pianomp3

2) How do I download them?

Downloading Piano Scores

I have categorized the Piano Scores according to albums and 'others' as their repertoire keeps growing. Click on the server that think will work best for you. Files are now uploaded on 4shared and Mediafire.

Then, you click on the title that you want to download (for ex: Forever Love). Usually, another window will pop-up where you download your selected file. (Please make sure that your pop-up blocker is deactivated)

For graphic explanation, go HERE

Downloading Piano Versions [mp3]

I have categorized the Piano Versions in 2 sections. Click "Korean" OR "Japanese" . This will bring you to the default server [4shared.com].

Then, you click on the title that you want to download (for ex: Forever Love). Usually, another window will pop-up where you download your selected file. (Please make sure that your pop-up blocker is deactivated)

Note: If [4shared.com] does not work, you may click on the alternative links next to the song.

Example: Forever Love {MF} {SS}

For graphic explanation, go HERE

3) Why can't I view the file that I've downloaded?

- If you have downloaded the file type of RAR, then you need the WinRAR application to open the file. (example: Anyband, Beautiful Thing). WinRAR opens both RAR and ZIP files anyway so, it's a good application to get. 
Get WinRAR Programme HERE

- If it's the PDF file, make sure your Adobe Acrobat Reader is Version 6.0 and above.

4) I HAVE Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 6.0, but my file still won't open.

Most probably your Acrobat Reader version does not support Asian Languages. Because some scores are traded from Korean sites, they have Korean encryptions or some thingamajig that only certain Acrobat versions can open. I'm not sure how to help you in this area.

5) Why are some of your files only right-hand with chord symbols?

That was my initial transcriptions. If you have already downloaded and have trouble reading the chords, I have already created a tutorial which can be viewed here.

I am currently arranging the left-hand for those transcriptions that I had earlier but this will take me a while. I do not gurantee that I will produce it soon but that doesn't mean I won't do it either.

Update: All scores/transcriptions are WITH LH unless stated otherwise.

6) Why don't you have "this-song" / Can you please upload the score of "this-song"?

I don't have it because I just don't. Trust me. I look for their scores as much as you do. I hunt for their scores high and low. If the score that you're looking for is not in the list, you can request for it but it will take me time to fulfill your request because most piano transcriptions are done by me. And I'm now in the midst of school..so...rushing me is NOT.COOL.

Therefore, I do take in request but I do not promise immediate fulfillment.

7) Do you have non-TVXQ scores?

Unfortunately, this site is dedicated to only TVXQ. I do not do other transcriptions nor do I have other scores.

8) Do you have the files on another server?

Update: All piano scores are now available on 4shared and Mediafire.

9) 4shared / Mediafire gives me an IP error. What do I do?

Most probably you're downloading too many scores simultaneously. Just wait a few minutes and then click the 'refresh' button on your web browser. It should work normally. If 4shared / Mediafire is being pissy, give it a couple of days to resume back to its normal self.

10) Do I need to sign-up on 4shared / Mediafire to download the scores / mp3?

No. It's a simple procedure. And a simple practice of patience. DO NOT download more than 3 files simultaneously. It'll just screw up the server and that is why you'll be prompted to signup to 4shared / Mediafire.
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A fellow DBSK-fandom webmaster claims that I spoil my visitors too much. But, I'm taking desperate measures to save myself from pulling my hair out when I read comments / requests about downloading that have been on the FAQ for many moons. 

To download the mp3s, follow the following steps: ( The following example shows the Korean section. Downloading methods apply to the Japanese section as well)

 I've tried to make these steps as easy as possible to follow. I pray silently that you will not encounter anymore problems. If you still do, I suggest you READ THE FAQ HERE. If your questions aren't answered there, then only feel free to email me HERE

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28 March 2008 @ 07:00 pm
Dear all,

I recently went to my 4shared file where all the scores and mp3s are saved [because I accidentally wiped out my own collection. >_____<  ] .

Anywayz, it was only then, that I saw your comments. First and foremost, let me thank you for your comments on the 4shared download page. I never knew about it until now. So, thank you again. Some comments left me amused. "Are these piano scores?" Some, left me peeved. "Can you upload a [.pdf] version instead?". And some, well, were very vague . "I have problems with my file. Can you please send it to me?"

Rant #1: This site offers piano scores for TVXQ Scores Only. I have a team working with me and we're trying to offer more than just piano scores. We're planning on expanding to A Cappella scores, as well as guitar scores and Vocal+piano accompaniment scores. Of course, all this take time. With me back to school, I can only allocate a certain amount of time in a week to do more transcriptions. 

Rant #2: I do my transcriptions using Finale. And this program let's me save the score in TIFF file only. After saving it in TIFF file, I then convert it to JPEG file, then I [.zip] the file. I use to convert it to PDF but that site was shut down. From now onwards, all scores done by Lina26435 will only be in [.zip] format. If it is otherwise, it means I got it from somewhere else or traded with someone. Please understand the circumstances. If I had the time, I would have seriously converted it to any format you desire. Unfortunately, God has only granted a standard time to humans a day = 24 hours. Give me your time so that I can have 25 hours? >______<

Rant #3: What problems exactly are you having? What error message does 4shared show you? I'm still considered new at this because this site is barely a year old, and we troubleshoot according to your needs. Please be specific so that we can help you. Sending the scores to you personally..hmm..I use to do that because the community was small. It's growing day by day and I'm very thankful for that. But, I just need time. We all need time.

I apologize if this sounds bitchy but I got peeved [blame it on PMS, girls] . I had to get this out in the clear. *sigh*. I don't know whether I should feel better after getting this off my chest, or I should feel bad because it's gonna drive people away.

Nevertheless, thank you all for your support and love. I know I haven't been updating lately, but I'm really trying to fit in some time for my transcriptions. Plus, transcribing things has its moods. Unfortunately, I'm slowly losing it. >,<

 Edit: I have downloaded and check every single score and it's working ABSOLUTELY FINE. But, I think I know what kinda problems that some are facing. Therefore, I'll put it in the FAQ. That way, they can't claim that they were not informed. FAQ is HERE

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15 March 2008 @ 06:26 pm

OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm totally totally SO MADLY IN LOVE with this version!!!  The band, the music, the boys' vocals...*swoons* Therefore, I HAVE TO review this!!!

I am extremely impress by the boys' vocals!

Let's talk about the band first. I never knew the keyboardist would be so ....I don't know..hippy-ish. The hair was just really funky. XD Hahahaha..that was what caught my attention first. And even though once the boys started singing, the camera didn't focus much on keyboardist-san, but I could hear the lines that he played. It didn't overshadow their singing, but melodious enough to create the accompanying effect. Almost similar to the lines in the original recording, but his solo part was completely different. Simpler in fact. But, after the bridge part, his build-up, *wow*. Those glissandos...it really adds the building up effect without interfering with the strong vocals by THSK. And the drummer and bassist, really kept it going even though it's just a ballad. I especially liked drummer-san's fill in before the 2nd chorus. It caught me by surprise. It sounded like a disco rhythm fill in at first. XD The string line was repetative in each chorus. It's the same line.. 

The lights....brilliant! To just focus on each member during their parts is just brilliant. Not only it created the sombre mood but also the entire atmosphere and feel of the song.

Tohoshinki. What can I say. The vocalists who really gave me goosebumps were Yoochun, Yunho and Changmin, in no particular order. I'm not bias or anything. I love all of them to bits, but these 3 really blew me away. Did you guys notice how powerful HoMin's vocals were? Their harmonies were spot on too! And the bridge part...*faints* ...Even though you could hear the strain in JaeSu's vocals, but ChunHoMin really made up for it. Seriously..when do you ever hear Yoochun going so high to THAT note, THAT strongly?? Yunho as well...for a bass singer to go up to that note so strongly and clear (not falsetto, mind you), it's really impressive. We could actually listen to their improvements. 

This is on my repeat list...and I don't think I'll ever get bored of it. I'm also making it a point to watch this video every night...Hahahahaha...out of obsession of the whole thing. 

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05 March 2008 @ 12:46 pm
OK...TWO reviews in a day is something unheard of, but I'm currently really hooked to TWO HEARTS AND IF...?

For Junsu's single, it's very electronic with a catchy bass riff which makes this song memorable. A lot of synthsized parts. IMO, Certain sounds are quite similar to the sounds from Choosey Lover. We all know in Trick, Su's part was taken from Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal. >,<  Anywayz...

I totally admire Yunho and Changmin's falsetto in If...? Min's falsetto in the 1st verse, and Ho's in the 2nd. After listening to this track, I dare say that Yunho's vocal range is the widest amongst all 5 of them. He can go really high (falsetto-wise), and his really low bass voice.  

My personal favorite would be the part where Su tries to scat. {Re: Scat = singing in non-sensical syllables}. He must have wanted to try it for sometime since he said he'd love to try jazz someday. Scatting is a form of jazz singing style back in the 1930s (?) . Anyone remember the horrendous Scatman?? That was when scatting was brought back. >,<

You'll remember this song after the 1st time listening to it. Then, you'll start singing along after the 2nd time! The ending is a bit abrupt, but it kinda shows that there's more to If...? [ Jae's single Close to You comes next....}  


While I was transcribing this and putting in the lyrics..is it me, or is Junsu's line "If you say so girl, you say 'Sou ja mata ne" a gag?? O_O
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05 March 2008 @ 12:32 pm
I fell in love with this song the minute I heard it. It's very R&B. A little bit like Brian McKnight. A little bit of smooth jazz too. Can someone tell me who the composer and lyricist are for their T.R.I.C.K Singles?? I love the idea that Changmin was given to do the lead in this. Reminds us of the time he sang When I First Kissed You. 

In fact, all the boys manage to pull this one off very nicely. Their harmonies are soulful, to the extent  of whispery at times, which gives us the warm,fuzzy feeling. The R&B beat gives us a very laid-back but groovy feeling. It's something that we would wanna hear while chilin' out. My guess is that the composer could have probably composed this for the boys seeing their interest in groups like Boys II Men (We all know how much our boys adore the group).

In the intro, the groove is established and Yunho grabs our attention with his smooth-low vocals. Loved Yunho's falsetto at the end of the first verse too. The vocal arranger is a genius in a sense that, he arranged for all the boys to introduce their vocals in the first verse itself, which isn't really frequent in TVXQ songs.  

The chorus have harmonies by JaeHo O_O with Jae on the high and Ho on the low. Then, in the 2nd verse, vocals of YooSu (1st half), and JaeHo (2nd half). Is it me or did the vocal arranger did this 'couple arrangement' by sheer coincidence? Our 2 favorite couples simultaneously in the 2nd verse!! 

I can't make out who sang the high part when Changmin sang lead in the chorus though. What do you reckon? 

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29 January 2008 @ 11:50 am

TVXQ Piano Survey [CLOSED]

Since the interest in this site has grown, I would like to know you better. By taking this survey, I hope to gain a little more insight of you and hopefully, I can come up with more ideas on things like piano arrangements, arranging for different instruments and other music-related stuff.

If I have missed out on anything else, just leave a comment.

Poll #1129094 TVXQ Piano Survey

Species XD


Are you...

LJ user
non-LJ user

Where are you?

North America & Canada
South America
Australia, New Zealand & Oceania

What is your major (first) instrument?

Traditional Instruments (chinese erhu, japanese koto, korean flute etc..)
I don't play any
Others (please specify)

Music Level

Beginner (Grade 1-3)
Intermediate (Grade 4-6)
Advanced (Grade 7-diploma/degree)

What do you look forward to on tvxqpiano@LJ

Piano Scores
Piano Versions[mp3]

Last Question:

8) What do you think, can be improved on this site? / In what way can this site help you further?

-leave your suggestions by adding a comment. If you are a non LJ-user, please provide me with 'some' details [name / email add]

Thank You for your time. 

Due to a large list, I have been forced to cut it....*sowee*

It took me a while to do this so, if you ever EVER wanna take it out, PLEASE CREDIT Lina26435@tvxqpianoLJ


Due to a large list, I have been forced to cut it....*sowee*

It took me a while to do this so, if you ever EVER wanna take it out, PLEASE CREDIT Lina26435@tvxqpianoLJ


 It took me a while to do this so, if you ever EVER wanna take it out, PLEASE CREDIT Lina26435@tvxqpianoLJ 

Due to a large list, I have been forced to cut it....*sowee*

It took me a while to do this so, if you ever EVER wanna take it out, PLEASE CREDIT Lina26435@tvxqpianoLJ

Due to a large list, I have been forced to cut it....*sowee*


It took me a while to do this so, if you ever EVER wanna take it out, PLEASE CREDIT Lina26435@tvxqpianoLJ 

Due to a large list, I have been forced to cut it....*sowee*


I have decided to compile a list of names of the creative teams behind every single album that TVXQ has released in both Korea and Japan. As a musician, I believe that without this bunch of talented composers, lyricists and arrangers, we wouldn’t have any TVXQ music to listen to. These brilliant musical brains are musicians in their own right and they are definitely not given enough credit for the behind-the-scene things that they do. I just want to tell them that they have done an AMAZING job and hope that they will continue to write more music in the future and share their ideas and musicality with us. 

Due to a large list, I have been forced to cut it....*sowee*

It took me a while to do this so, if you ever EVER wanna take it out, PLEASE CREDIT Lina26435@tvxqpianoLJ 

To see the lists for each album, click on the LJ-cut.


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24 January 2008 @ 04:26 pm

Review made based on music. Haven’t looked at the translated lyrics.



I think this song has the influence of various R&B artists, especially Brian McKnight and some of Michael Jackson’s earlier works, perhaps by music mogul, Quincy Jones. This song is also a good reflection of one of their Japanese R&B releases, Try My Love. Imagine them in suits, choreography involving dancing with the microphones…you get the picture.


I think this song has the same meaning as Choosey Lover but, less playful, more sexiness and teasing. The tempo is slower than Choosey Lover. Probably the girl’s playing hard-to-get. And the guy is trying hard to get her attention.


The electric guitar provides the main feel of the song, together with the rhythmic feel of the bass and drums. The keyboard (I think it’s a Rhodes) that adds the R&B flavor. And it’s simply made up of 2 chords! The simplicity of the usage of chords gives our boys’ the freedom to manipulate their harmonies without any major clashes.


Their harmonization in this song signals that our a cappella boys are here to stay! That was random. It’s just that the boys haven’t had a full a cappella song since Always There from Rising Sun. Frankly, I miss that.


Vocal-wise, the boys are great. In the verses and pre-choruses, they projected strong and articulated ways of singing (this would be the R =rhythm). I think it’s sexy and seductive. In the chorus and bridge, it was smooth and melodious (this would be the B=blues). If you listen intently, you can tell apart each vocal part.


P/s: Did they sing “let’s kiss and make-up” ?? *flails* OMG…if my ears didn’t fail me in that part, it makes this song SOOO MUCH SEXIER than it already is!! Yes Su! I’ll kiss you and let you hold me!! XD [Sorry…fan-girl moment]


My personal favorite. Period. 

 If taking out, PLEASE CREDIT Lina26435@tvxqpianoLJ
I'm listening to: Su singing "let's kiss and make-up"
24 January 2008 @ 03:54 pm

Review made based on music. Haven’t looked at the translated lyrics.


First time listening to this song, it reminds me of Coolio's version of Gangsta's Paradise. If it doesn't ring a bell, the song was featured in a movie starring Jodie Foster. A very powerful movie IMHO. This song provokes the same emotions of that movie.


The chord progression for this song is almost the same throughout. A very 'sinister'-like bass-line, as though darkness is creeping behind you or mocking you for your wrong-doings. The strings and bass line being repeated (musical term: riff).This is riff is introduced in the introduction and used in the chorus part as well. The usage of a riff is to make sure listeners remember a song. It works, doesn’t it?  


Very obvious vocal harmonization by YooSu in the 1st pre-chorus. And in the chorus, various pairings for harmonization of HoChun, JaeMin etc…this song has all different pairings of harmonization which shows the different colors of their voices and different textures when paired up differently. A very good experiment and this song is the perfect one to try out such new stuff. Yunho’s voice sounds really subtle and warm in this song. There’s no running away from Changmin’s falsetto here. Yoochun seems to be the one taking the bass for this. Junsu almost whispering in some parts. Is it me, or did Jaejoong had the least parts in this song? Except for the 2nd verse and 1st-half of the 2nd chorus.

What say you?

 If taking out, PLEASE CREDIT Lina26435@tvxqpianoLJ 

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21 January 2008 @ 11:01 pm

Haven't done a personal review for a while. This review is purely based on the song itself as the official lyrics have yet to be released. Hence, the official romanization and translations are yet to be seen although dedicated fans have pain-stakingly put the effort to do romanizations and translations based on their super ears. I SOOOO admire your perseverance!

First and foremost, this song is very deep compared to White Lies, Foxrain and other self-composed songs. 

To me, not only is this song sad, but it also paints a picture of pain and suffering. It gives the feeling as though there's no hope at all. I'm not sure what the whole song actually means (even though I've read some translations of it) but, the title says it all.

Vocal-wise, the boys have never been so powerful yet, subtle in delivering this piece of music. Changmin's falsetto is SO strong that the first time I heard it, the boy blew me away. For a guy to reach THAT note...*phew*...if I had more than 2 thumbs, I'd give him 10 thumbs up!  Same goes for Jaejoong's ending of "Sayonara". With such resonance and power in his vocals, it's as though he's reluctantly screaming goodbye. Yunho's subtle-ty in his parts, just potrays the tenderness that I think the lyrics are saying. Yoochun's narration at the beginning, just imagine him saying those words with tears welling up in his eyes, pleading for you to "open your eyes"...And Junsu has been practicing his falsetto so that he doesn't need to strain, as well as give more flavor to his vocals, did really well when he sang the 2nd pre-chorus of "tell me a little lie..oh.."

The song structure...I believe the introduction of piano+narration was to create the mood. But, when the strings came in, it was a little unneccesary for me. Personally, the introduction was slightly too long than it should have been. The instrumentation was simple. Yoochun really did it this time for this song. The melody and powerful vocals was already enough to create the atmosphere and the story of the song. It didn't need drums or other instruments. Simple piano and strings did it just right. And to differenciate the 2 different pre-choruses, he played around with the rhtyhm [ little lie part ] . The chorus....*melts*....I felt Junsu's voice was more appropriate as it's softer and warmer than Jaejoong's which came out slightly stronger.

I think Yoochun played the piano for this. What do you think?

If taking out, PLEASE CREDIT Lina26435@tvxqpianoLJ 

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This tutorial concludes it all. I hope I have helped you in reading and understanding chord names and its functions. If you have anymore questions regarding the theoretical part or anything at all, feel free to email me at tvxqpiano@gmail.com I read all of your emails and I welcome any comments / suggestions.
Thank you for supporting this site.

Most accompaniment samples that I show here are mostly used in their ballads. You may use different samples to differentiate sections in a song. Using a different range on the keyboard / piano to match the mood / expression also helps in identifying a different section of a song.

  Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

Example #4

These are only samples. You are free to make up your own accompaniment patterns for the left-hand. Just make sure the notes belong to the chord and it’s within the given tempo / time-signature.

Happy Practicing!


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This chord is special. Well, all chords are special to make a song, but, this chord almost has the same effects / usage as the upper structure chords.
The only difference of the ‘sus’chord and the upper structure chord is, the ‘sus’chord NEEDS to resolve back to its stable chord (which is usually the 3rd note).
Confused? Here’s how it’s suppose to be.

Clearer ? In the first chord, the note in black is the 4th note of the chord which is suspended. Hence Csus4. But, in all it’s nature, this ‘sus’chord, MUST, by all means, resolve back to its 3rd note. Refer to the next chord.
So, the 4th note is F. Therefore, the F note MUST resolve back to E, which is the 3rd note, for the chord to stable again. Imagine you’re being suspended from a bridge. You NEED something to stabilize yourself. So, you obviously need to get back on the ground for your own two feet to do so. Same concept, same principal.
The suspended 4th note must resolve back to it’s 3rd note, whether the 3rd note is a major or a minor. Also, it doesn’t matter what inversion the suspended chord is. 

The final chapter will be up next.
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I apply a lot of these chords when playing TVXQ songs, or any pop songs for that matter. This chord quality gives a totally different color to the ending of a phrase. But, the chord must be used wisely, or else, the effect will be lost and the sound would turn out all weird.


The usual combination of an upper structure chord would be a chord IV/V (in the roman numerals). This is what it means:


Example #1:


If in the key of A major, the chord IV will be D major. (count 4 from A : A-B-C#-D). And the ‘V’ would be the 5th note from A (count 5 from A: A-B-C#-D-E)


The chord is notated as D/E, and looks like this:




Example #2:


If in the key of C major, and you want to give a sad feeling to the end of the phrase, you can have a minor IV (IV-) chord with a V as the bass. Same theory applies, therefore,


The chord is notated as Fm/G, and looks like this:




Note: It doesn’t matter what inversion the top chord is played in. The way it is notated remains the same.

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26 November 2007 @ 12:50 am

This has been long overdue. I hope you guys have been practicing? I'm sure most of you have figured out how to read chords by now, even without my tutorials. I have made it into 5 parts. This is part 2. The next 3 parts will be up everday for the next 3 days.

I am now in the midst of a huge project called ...... it will be a surprise. Release date will be Dec15. It's only natural because it's the last of the boys' birthdays of the year 2007 (Our dear Junsu).  

OK. Let's get back to business.




The chords that I have taught are all in root position (where the 1st note is at the bottom, hence, the name).


Inversions simply mean, the chords are turned upside down, anyway possible, without changing the quality.


You may have come across chord names like these: C/E, D/F#, C/Bb


Since we have learnt up chords that has up to 4 notes (7th chords), we’ll have 3 different inversions (include. the root) namely:


i)                    root position                             ii) 2nd inversion

iii)                 1st inversion                              iv) 3rd inversion


i)                    root position


We have covered this in the 1st tutorial, whereby all my examples shown are in the root position.


It is notated like this : CM7



ii)                   1st inversion


The 1st note of the chord goes above the chord. Therefore, the 3rd note of the chord is now the lowest note.


It is notated like this: CM7/E


iii)                 2nd inversion


The 3rd note of the chord goes above the chord. Therefore, the 5th note of the chord is now the lowest note.


It is notated like this: CM7/G



iv)                 3rd inversion (non-famous chord ^^ )


The 5th note of the chord goes above the chord. Therefore, the 7th note of the chord is now the lowest note.


It is notated like this : CM7/B



I hope this is new input to everyone. The examples are in the treble clef but because this topic still teaches you how to read chord symbols in general, clefs are not important. Just make sure you get your notes right in the correct clef. XD

If you are unclear, feel free to leave your questions in the "comments" section and I will reply to you soonest I can.

Happy Practicing!!!

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19 November 2007 @ 10:21 pm

 In my opinion, one of their best accapellas for 2007.
JunSu and JaeJoong’s voices compliment each other so well; it’s almost very hard to tell them apart. With powerful vocals from ChangMin and booming bass from YunHo; JaeJoong, JunSu and YooChun kinda gets lots in the harmony. Or, it could have probably been the audio mixing ‘taste’ of the engineer.
JunSu and YooChun’s vocal qualities are mellow / soft / rounder. JaeJoong, ChangMin and YunHo’s vocal qualities are sharper / cleaner. This makes the perfect blend of soulful, clear harmonies because usually, the main, bass and high are more prominent than the mids, and tone production / vocal quality is very important.
YunHo’s bass is cleaner and smoother while YooChun’s bass is rounder and rawer. ChangMin’s highs are easily recognized. YooChun’s mid-low is still ‘detectable’, but JunSu’s and JaeJoong’s voices blend so well, I couldn’t tell ‘where they were’, until they sang different harmony lines.
When YunHo sings lead, YooChun takes over the bass, while JunSu takes over YooChun’s mid-lows. And when ChangMin sings lead, JaeJoong takes the high and JunSu resumes his mid-high range. These mix-ups or rotations showcase their vast vocal ranges. Nevertheless, when it comes to singing lead, they always come up strong and powerful, in their own way.
One of their accapella tracks that should be on your repeat list if you’re a sucker for their accapellas like me. ^_^
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09 November 2007 @ 10:48 pm

To listen to the piano version, click here.

They definitely have done better harmonies in their other singles. This particular vocal arrangement does not stand out as much. Nevertheless, almost all are given equal opportunities to lead in this, with harmony pairings of HoSu in the 2nd verse. Jae,Ho and Su have the main ad-libbing parts.
Verse and Chorus:
A song of hope. The fans (hopefully overseas fans since it’s TRAVEL) have always been with them from the beginning. Knowing that in this journey, they cannot travel it alone. They are question will they be able to see and meet their fans in the near future. Will they get to know the fans a little better? Will the fans continue to travel together with them on their journey to success? They wonder.
The instrument arrangements used in this section are small. Just a simple piano and some light strings. This is to create the effect of a beginning. A phase of uncertainty. In the chorus, the bass and drums come in. They are beginning to feel secure. But, ending in an interrupted cadence, means, the feeling of uncertainty is still there.
The build up reflects the urge of meeting their fans at any moment given. Even in the afterlife (as suggested in the lyrics)
Gradually, the feeling of uncertainty diminishes. The harmony build up gives the effect that their confidence is building. 
Last chorus: The moment is here. A spark of light. They know that they want to continue this journey together with everyone. But, will the fans feel the same? Will everyone want to walk this path together? They are certain that they want to walk down this path together. 

Full arrangement of strings, band and vocal ad-libs. This part has a wonderful meaning that they are very sure of what they want. Yet, the coda part is again, in an interrupted cadence. They are not sure whether the fans will feel the same way that they feel. Nevertheless, as a group, they are walking this path together, and that is what they want.

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06 November 2007 @ 10:27 pm

This isn't a complete piano tutorial but this site that I found is EXTREMELY helpful for those of you who have trouble reading my transcriptions that only has melody and chords (without left-hand help). 

Just click on the link below and it will lead you to a site where you click on the specific chord (eg: Fm7), and it will show you on the keyboard, what notes make a Fm7 chord. It even gives you inversions of the chord as well as scales. I recommend to you, so check it out!!

Nevertheless, I will still theoratically teach you what the chords are made of, for those of you who seriously wanna learn. 

Enjoy this site now, to learn what notes make up a chord that you see in my transcriptions!

Piano Chords and Scales made Easy  


There are 2 types of chords that are mainly used in TVXQ’s songs.
A)                Basic chords : i) major, ii) minor, iii) augmented, iv) diminished
B)                 7th chords : i) Maj7, ii) min7, iii) dom7, iv) dim7, v) min7b5

All examples are based on C. The same formula applies to all other keys, just remember your key signatures! ^_^
** A chord that is made up of only 3 notes is called a triad. **
-made up of 3 notes (1st ‘root’, 3rd and 5th)
i.            Major
ii.            Minor
Major : made up of maj3rd + min3rd
Chord quality : happy / warm / bright

CMaj / CM / C = C + E + G


Minor : made up of min3rd + maj3rd
Chord quality : sad / dim

Cmin / Cm / C- = C +Eb + G

iii.            Augmented
iv.            Diminished
Augmented: made up of maj3rd+maj3rd
Chord quality : prickly / unsettled

Caug = C + E + G#


Diminished: made up of min3rd+min3rd
Chord quality : cramped

Cdim = C + Eb + Gb

 -made up of 4 notes (1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th)
i.                     Major
ii.                   Minor
Maj7 : made up of Maj + maj7th from root

CMaj7 / CM7 = C + E + G + B

Min7 : made up of Min + min7 from root

Cmin7 / C-7 = C + Eb + G + Bb
iii.                  Dominant 7th
iv.                 Diminished 7th
v.                   Min7b5
Dom7 : made up of Maj + min7th from root
Chord quality : unresolved

C7 = C + E + G + Bb

Dim7 : made up of
min3rd +min3rd + min3rd
Chord quality: eerie / cold / scared
Cdim = C + Eb + Gb + Bbb
Min7b5 : Made up of Dim+ min7th from root

Cm7b5 / C-7b5 = C + Eb + Gb + Bb


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03 November 2007 @ 11:31 pm

Watch Piano Version HERE

All members are given a chance to sing lead in this song. The harmonization here is not as great as Love in the Ice but distinctive harmonization can be heard in JaeMinChun and JaeHoSu pairings as well as the whole group. Also, the JaeSu pairing harmony at the end.

A love song that can be viewed from different angles. 

1. Fans 
2. Couples / Lovers. 

They want the fans to know that whenever the fans are feeling down, they are always near by to lift their spirits up.  They will cherish the moments and will never take the fans for granted. The love that they have for their fans are just too great and they will protect this love with all they have, all the can.
The slow rhythm and simple instrumentation gives it a very ‘cold’ feeling, perfect for autumn / fall.
Arrangement Analysis
The highlighted instruments in this piece are the piano and the strings. The piano provides a dreamy effect and the strings are very expressive as it gives impact in certain sections (e.g. bridge and last chorus).The rhythm (provided by drums) gives the R&B feel. The instrumental parts have some repeated passages going on. This links to the lyric Time and time again.
The genius-ness that the composer and lyricist brought together is the ‘drop’ in the bridge part. Instead of building up the intensity, the brought it down by using circle of ii-V chords. Then, slowly, the intensity builds, which then links to the instrumental parts of the piano and strings. In this instrumental part, the repeated melody line happens again in sequences.  
In the last chorus, the voice is accompanied only by the piano and strings. This gives the effect that they guarantee that they will forever be with the fans without doubt. Then, in the repeated chorus, the whole arrangement comes in again. This further strengthens the assurance that they will be around, through thick and thin; inviting the fans to join through this love, forever.


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02 November 2007 @ 01:58 am

A song and lyrics review on Kim 'Xiah' JunSu's composition titled White Lies. Prepare some tissues. Tear-jerker!!

A composition by TVXQ’s very own Xiah JunSu. They all sing lead. No major vocal arrangements in this, but look out for the YooSu harmony at the end of the 2nd verse and group harmony in the 2nd pre-chorus. Highlights are in the instrumental arrangement and the melody.
There are 2 perspectives that can be looked at.
1) Lost love. Note: He did say he couldn’t express out his feelings by just talking, so this could probably be one way of expressing his feelings towards that person. Damn, how did he come up with such melodies and lyrics?! It’s sad!! Is he talking about anyone specifically?
2) A dying person’s hopes and wishes. Note: In AADBSK 1, he did mention that writing a song is like, telling a story. He’s probably a very good story-teller!!
The main instrument is definitely the piano. The slow R&B drum pattern gives the feel of a very slow, sad love ballad. Even though this song is in the major key, the melody-line and the lyrics are the elements of this heart-breaking song.
In the bridge part, Min’s vocals are flawless and that strong modulation at the end (with his vocals) of the section aches much more than the song itself (conveying the message that he wants to go far away where he won’t hurt her and completely forget her).
The strings build up very nicely towards the instrumental with Chun’s narration complementing the section very well which then, modulates ½ a semitone to Db major. In this part, the lyrics suggest his last wish is to see her one last time. His hopes are high.
Jae’s strong vocal at the coda (end) gives a strong urge to see her and tell her his true feelings. The love he has for her, how much she means to him.  With Su’s soothing voice at the end, it is just a breath for hope; for a final chance. 

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17 October 2007 @ 08:29 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to TVXQ Piano. This site is about TVXQ, the accapella dance group from South Korea that is taking the world by storm. Having produced 3 full-studio albums in Korea and 2 full-studio albums in Japan, this group is taking the K-pop world over with their soulful harmonies. 

Apart from sharing the accapella genre with the likes of Take 6 (USA), The Gospellers (Japan), Idea of North (Australia) and Big Mama (Korea), they are a group that follows the SMP formula, whereby, not only do they sing, but dance is also their forte.

This site will have videos of me playing their repertoire on the piano and sharing my views on their songs, both Korean and Japanese releases. Enjoying their songs is one thing, but trying to understand the messages that the composers and lyricists are trying to convey is what I want to discuss about in this blog. This is like TVXQ Song&Lyric 101.

Credits go to dbskarchives.blogspot.com where I get my lyrics and translations. This site is where you can also get the transcriptions of their songs that I contribute to the archive and a whole lot of other stuff. To those who are out of reach from getting DBSK stuff, this archive is THE place to be.

If you are looking for music sheets / transcriptions that are not featured, there are 2 possibilities

1) I have not produced the transcription
2) I do not intend to do it soon

Most of my transcription sheets are in lead sheet format. This means there are chord names and single melody line with romanized lyrics ONLY. Unfortunately, if you don't read chords, I may / may not come up with left-hand arrangements for that particular song. No fear. I will have theoratical tutorials from time to time about how to read chords. 

My newer transcriptions will include 2-hands arrangements with romanized lyrics; but obviously, this takes more time. Please be patient. 

Also, my transcriptions are all in PDF Format. Some music scores that I have are in .rar / .zip. Therefore, I suggest you get WinRAR application as it opens both .rar AND .zip files. 


Let me make this clear that my views on their songs are solely based on my analysis. You are welcomed to share your two cents worth. Please, no bashing of any kind. I am entitled to my opinions and so are you. Feedbacks and comments are welcomed. 

If anyone of you comes by a site similar to mine, please let me know. After all, TVXQ is love, so, let's start spreading!

Thank you very much for your support.
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